Can I use Sage Pay as a payment processor?

Yes. To enable Sage Pay payments, go to your SettingsPayments section and tick the option Sage Pay in the Merchant Setup box. Specify the Vendor Name, Encrypted Password, Vendor Email (optional) and Partner ID (optional).

There are several aspects you should keep in mind:

  • There are two different passwords associated to your Sage Pay account: the Vendor Password and the Encrypted Password. The one you need to use in the SettingsPayments box is the Encrypted Password. It is delivered to you in the confirmation email sent by Sage Pay when you create your account.
  • No currency is added by default to your Sage Pay account, so you need to set it up in your Sage Pay interface.
  • Vendor Email and Partner ID are optional settings. The Vendor Email is the email address that will receive order confirmations and failures. The Partner ID can be used if your are a Sage Pay partner and want to flag transactions with your unique partner ID.
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