Adding SalesForce to your form will import email addresses and leads from your submitters to your SalesForce account. Type in your SalesForce email address, password and authentication token. The SalesForce authentication token needs to be retrieved from your SalesForce account. Read here the instructions on how to do it. Then select, in the Create Object dropdown, Lead or Contact, according to the type of object you want to create.

SalesForce Integration

SalesForce Integration

Click on the Customize button to specify how user input should be managed. For example, in the Company dropdown, choose the form field where users specify what company they represent. This way, the company name will be placed in the corresponding SalesForce lead or contact field. Press Save, then Saveagain in the main SalesForce box and the application is enabled.Also, you can add an opt-in checkbox to your form. Before having their contact data sent to your SalesForce account, form users will be asked for confirmation.
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