Floating feedback button
on side of the page

Add a free feedback button to the right or left side of your web page.

A floating feedback button on the side of your page is a very stylish and discreet, yet very powerful way to welcome feedback from website visitors. The floating feedback button placed on the left side or on the right side of your page can be accessed from anywhere within your website. And the best part is that it doesn't interfere with visitors' navigation. It's always there, but never inopportune. The feedback button opens a floating feedback form in a semitransparent layer over your website and enhances user experience in at least three different senses: functionality, usability and design.

Create your floating feedback button with us in just three easy steps: Build the form that you want to display in the feedback button using our simple web form builder and choose the publishing option Lightbox - Floating button. Copy the generated code and paste it on your website. That's it!

Floating buttons functionality

The contact form button on your web page allows website visitors to open a feedback form, type in their message and send it straight to your inbox. What could be easier than that?

Floating buttons usability

The floating feedback button can show up on all pages, in the same place. It interferes with user experience gently, in a positive, friendly and professional way.

Design of feedback buttons

Both the floating button and the feedback form can be styled to match your website 100%. Use customized form themes or custom CSS to change button's and form's appearance.

Your floating feedback button

Choose the publishing option LightboxFloating button. You can link to:
  • contact forms & feedback forms
  • surveys & registration forms
  • online order forms

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(Jonathan Bunio, Webmaster)