HTML form validation script

Create free web forms with ready-made HTML form validation scripts,
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Do all of your form submissions contain perfectly usable information? 123ContactForm's HTML form validation scripts make sure they do!
You can now create any type of web forms using our drag & drop form builder, and add HTML form validation with the point-and-click ease. The generated HTML form validation script can be published on any website, blog and social platform: Wordpress, Facebook, Joomla, Wix, Blogger, Twitter, to start with. That's it! No coding. No headaches.

HTML form validation scripts

The HTML form validation script makes sure the data sent through the form is accurate and does not contain typos. Server side form validation, like 123ContactForm provides, works best.

Do I need form validation?

If you want to receive only relevant and complete messages, then yes – HTML form validation is a must! It helps you save time and reply to the important messages faster.

Standard & custom validation

You can use standard validation in your web form (like alpha, alphanumeric, numericplus, email, URL, date etc.), and you can create custom validations (like required fields, no duplicate email etc.).

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